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Playing Book of Ra, a Jackpot of Fun!

Themed on the wonders and mysteries of ancient Egypt, Book of Ra is one of the most played online casino slot game. The player takes on the role of an adventurer whose mission is to find a mystical book that brings unimaginable wealth to the owner. With breathtaking graphics, dazzling animations, and high-quality oriental sound effects it is easy to get quickly overwhelmed. However, once you understand how the game is played it can easily become hours of exciting entertainment.

The digital cash you "deposit" towards the game instantly becomes "Egyptian coins." The size or value of the coin the player chooses determines the size of each bet or spin. Of course the higher value the coin the larger the payoff when the spin falls on a winning combination of symbols. Players can spin the wheel manually or turn on the Auto-spin feature, sit back, and watch the game unfold as their coin pile grows with their luck.

Two versions of the game can be found online. The “classic” Slot Book Of Ra consists of 5 reels with 9 paylines, while the Deluxe version has 10 paylines. To win the bet the spin must connect at least 3 and up to 5 of the same symbol horizontally. The shiny gold book acts as a wild and pays a bonus on the win. The gold book is a “scatter” symbol starting a bonus round if three or more appear on the same board. The bonus round is 10 free spins and has a unique feature that chooses a symbol at random to be a wild symbol for the bonus spins. (Call2Action)

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